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Vintage French Typography Nest of Tables

Good afternoon 🙂

This arvo I thought I would share one of my more recent and very exciting projects! As you can probably tell from some of my previous posts I really REALLY love a cute nest of tables set and finding one in good condition literally makes my palms itchy … I just have to get my hands on them!! haha. Well fortunately for me last week my wonderful hubby stumbled across a great little nest of tables set. They were in great condition and so sweet. I just had to snap them up.

Nest of TablesHere they are in their glory … green string and all haha


As soon a I got them home I knew that they wouldn’t last long sitting in the shed waiting for restoration as I was dying to paint them. This is my third nest of tables set and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them!! Only a few months earlier I had painted a lovely nest of tables in alternating colours and had hand painted some wonderful French Typography from the trusty Graphics Fairy ( on top of each table. I really loved the look of them and wasn’t sure if I wanted to sell them or keep them for myself. But I made the hard choice and they sold almost immediately!!


Nest of Tables Chalk Paint French Typography

Here they are!! Aren’t they just the sweetest 🙂 … if you want to read more about them click on this link –

I knew immediately that I wanted to do a similar look on my new set and so the fun began. After some minor repairs, I got to the fun part … PAINTING!! I decided I wanted to go with a muted and neutral palate for this set. I chose to paint the largest tables in Annie Sloan French Linen Paint, the middle in a custom blend of Paris Grey and Duck Egg Blue (what I like to call dreamy blue / grey… very sophisticated haha) and the small table in Paris Grey. Once the pieces had been painted I then went straight to the Graphics Fairy’s wonderful site and browsed through her fabulous collection of French Typography and Graphics until I found exactly what I was looking for.

After printing out the graphics I then had to do the hand busting part and trace them on to the respective table tops, and they paint over them with a teeny-weeny fine brush. I used Graphite paint to paint over my tracing and then distressed the dried graphic lightly. To make this set a little different I chose to brush another colour over the top of all three tables. I lightly waxed them and them made a blend of Old White and Paris Grey in the ratio of 1:1 and watered it down slightly. Then I brushed the mix over the piece and wiped it off to varying degrees with a clean slightly damp cloth. The effect looked great and after I had distressed and waxed the pieces I was grinning .. the finished result was perfect.

So without much further ado here they are…….

These are the wonderful graphics 🙂

French Vintage Nest of Tables French Vintage Nest of Tables

French Vintage Nest of Tables Just love the French Vintage twist that these beautiful graphics add!

And here are some collective shots 🙂

French Vintage Nest of Tables  French Typography Nest of Tables Vintage French Vintage Nest of Tables

I think that they are just DIVINE!! They definitely would be a wonderful feature in any room 🙂 and best part is they are up for grabs!!

Where would you put them? 🙂 x

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  1. I love them. I have seen people put old parchment or documents on…but I am unsure of the bonding and sealing process…?

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