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Rustic Boutique Stall Sucess @ The Buninyong Good Life Festival

Hello to all again!!

I hope that everyone has had a fantastic weekend! As you may have gathered from my previous post, this weekend was very hectic and exciting for me as it was the weekend of the Buninyong Good Life Festival where I set up my very first stall. So I am typing this morning with very sore arms from hauling furniture around all weekend but a huge smile on my face from having such a great time!

So let me fill you all in on the details of the big stall weekend as I like to call it. As you can imagine, a lot of preparation had gone into getting ready for the stall on the Sunday at the Buninyong Good Life Festival. I had been working tirelessly to get everything ready in time and to prepare some special finishing touches to make the stall just that little bit extra special.

Over the past few weeks I have been preparing things from furniture, stationary and décor to gift bags, buntings and flyers. The preparation is heaps of fun and its so exciting to be able to get creative and to be able to imagine and then make all sorts of things for my stall.

I really wanted to be able to share the excitement for what I do with others and I was desperately trying to think of something that I could hand out on the day that would make both an impression and be a gesture of thanks for coming to meet me. After scouring the net and Pinterest for inspiration I finally found the perfect idea.

These little gift bags ….

Vintage Gift Bag

I wanted them to be both vintage and relevant to my business, and after some debating decided to steer away from lollies and to instead choose little vintage soaps or hand creams to fill the bags.

Vintage Soaps Vintage Gift Bags

Making them was so much fun and once I had finished I was sooo excited, they looked great and were the perfect complement to hand out with my business brochure/flyer.

Vintage Gift Bags Vintage Gift Bag arrangement

After that I decided to work on making a fabric bunting that would also serve as my business name banner for my stall. I was a little bit daunted about the idea of sewing it so I decided to go for the hot glue gun method instead, and it turned out fabulous.

I chose to use natural burlap for the flags and cream burlap for the letters, I printed out the letters on paper and then traced them onto the fabric and cut them out. Then I used the hot glue gun to stick the letters to the flags. Next I found a roll of ribbon in my craft box and after some more gluing I finally had a  Rustic Boutique burlap bunting 🙂

There are so many little bits and pieces that I made to go into my stall, from coaster and vintage pegs to gift tags and vintage signs. If I was to try and list it all then I probably would be here all day so instead I will put up some pictures of my stall on the day and all the little treasures that made it up 🙂

Stall Photos:

Vintage Style Linen Cushions   Vintage Gift Tags, Pegs and Coasters

Vintage Gift Tags, Pegs and Coasters  Vintage Gift Bags

Vintage Stall Fair  Vintage Stall Fair

And some more photos ……

Rustic Boutique Vintage Stall Fair   Rustic Boutique Vintage Stall Fair

Rustic Boutique Vintage Stall Fair  Rustic Boutique Vintage Stall Fair

Vintage Linen Cabinet and Cusions   French Vintage Hall Table and Ornate Chair   Rustic Boutique Vintage Stall Fair

Some of my favourite furniture creations ….

Rustic Boutique French Vintage Kitchen Dresser   Rustic Boutique Aged French Vintage Tea Trolley

Parisienne Boudoir Queen Anne Dressing Table  Rustic French Provincial Sideboard

Rustic Boutique Vintage Furniture   Rustic Boutique Vintage Stall Fair

And here are a few pictures of my hubby and I …..

Rustic Boutique Vintage Fair Stall   Rustic Boutique Vintage Stall Fair

And myself and my older sister manning the stall 😀

Rustic Boutique Vintage Stall Fair

I could keep posting pictures all day but if you want to see more you can check out my album on facebook by clicking this link:

I have to say that the stall was a great success, some of my favourite pieces found wonderful new homes and to see the appreciation on peoples faces for what I do was fabulous. I really enjoyed meeting everyone too, especially some of the people that follow me online, it was great putting faces to names.

I hope that everyone who came enjoyed it and had a good time. I certainly did and I can’t wait till my next stall!!

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