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Let the Countdown Begin – Buninyong Good Life Festival

Hello All!!

As per usual it has been some time since my last post. As always the addiction of painting furniture manages to absorb most of my spare minutes and I have to DRAG myself away from some project so that I can boot up my trusty laptop and share some of my exciting pieces ūüôā

So today I have a number of exciting things to share and hopefully by the end of this post I have shared some of them ;P

Ok so earlier in the year I decided that I would LURVE to have a stall and be able to showcase some of my pieces at some sort of local flea market / festival. Then I remembered a local festival that has been an annual occurrence in the suburb that I live in so I got busy trying to find out if it is still running, I was super excited to find out that it still is!! This festival is perfect as it is literally 2 minutes from where I am living and is focused on showcasing local businesses and involving the local community in a day out of fun and festivities. So with some nervous trepidation and a whole bunch of excitement I contacted the committee that organises the stalls for the festival and before you know it I was booked in.

The stall is being held on the 27th October 2013 at the BUNINYONG GOOD LIFE FESTIVAL in Buninyong, Victoria.

At first the stall seemed VERY far away, and I slipped to the back of my mind as I got busy painting and selling furniture. The time literally vanished and suddenly I realised instead of counting down months and weeks, I am actually counting down DAYS!!! This fills me both with excitement and dread haha, I really want my stall to be perfect and so I have been working like a madman trying to make sure I have a wonderful selection of beautiful and unique piece. I am happy to say that despite my initial reservations I am actually very happy with the furniture selection that I have ready for display. I had to stop advertising pieces that I had done as they were walking out the door almost faster than I could paint them and I realised that if it continued I would be showcasing an empty stall.

So now that I have been painting like a madman or madlady¬†I¬†should say all I have left to do are the finishing touches such as decorations, d√©cor and signs :S … So¬†I still have to be VERY organised to make sure that all of it is done before the big day. I think that my nervous anticipation will drive me to be very organised or maybe that¬†is wishful thinking, but we will see.

Here are a few pieces that I have been working on and have finished especially for my stall.

French Vintage Kitchen Dresser / Buffet   Ornate Vintage Chair Rustic Provincial Sideboard  Rustic French Vintage Tea Trolley

So now that the countdown has begun there are only 2 days (after today) to go before the Buninyong Good Life Festival, so if you are nearby or interested book it in your diary and come down and say hello!!

Here is a link to the website for the festival that will give you some more information etc. – www.buninyongfestival.com.au

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  1. ooooh Nice, very very nice! love how you shabby chic, vintage your furniture. You techniques are out of this world brilliant! any secrets to share? hehe

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