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Getting a little bit fancy with Carte Postale :)

A big hello¬† ūüėÄ

I am currently going through a serious case of blog withdrawal as it has been quite a while since my last post. Tonight however I am making the time to get typing whilst I am nursing my poor husband who is sporting a rather nasty case of the flu. So while he is relaxing in the recliner with his mound of pillows and a high fever, I am taking a break to get some blog therapy. You will have to overlook any spelling mistakes and disjointed sentences as I currently have black rings around my eyes and have about 3 hours sleep under my belt.

So getting on to the wonderful business of furniture hunting and makeovers I have a wonderful¬†and successful project to share. I have been dying to get my hands on a bed box/ wooden trunk to restore and have a play around with. So after waiting the saying came true and a good thing came to she who waited … and I finally got my hands on a nice little bed box in great condition.

Naturally I had to get started on it straight away and inspiration wasn’t hard to find. I had a firm¬†idea for this piece and was determined to go with a Carte Postale¬†Frenchy Theme. I knew that I wanted the piece to be really Shabby Chic but I didn’t have a firm idea on what colour to go with, so I decided to mix my own custom colour. I was really excited as I hadn’t done any colour mixing at this point and was really looking forward to playing with some colours. As you can tell from my other posts I am in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and so naturally I would be playing around with 2 of her gorgeous colours. The colours I chose are Provence ( a very bright blue green) and Old White. I mixed the colours with a little more Provence than the white and I loved the result. Now it was time to get painting.

I decided to coat the entire piece in a base coat of Graphite. I wanted to distress this piece back to a dark base colour and as the wood was light stain colour it needed a dark base coat.


To achieve the effect that I had envisaged¬†I used the ‘Vaseline method’ so that the top coat would not adhere to the base coat in areas and so that I can achieve that wonderful distressed chippy result. After the base coat and a wipe over with Vaseline I¬†was ready to add the wonderful custom colour. The top coat went on really quickly and then while I was letting it dry it was time to find the perfect graphic. So where should I go?? … The wonderful Graphics Fairy ( of course. I knew which graphics I wanted to use as I had seen them before and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them. The graphics I chose are taken from Vintage French Postcards which I LURVE!! I quickly printed out the graphics and then proceeded to make a carbon copy using the grey lead pencil method. After tracing my images onto the piece, then it came to the fun part of painting over the graphic. I was finished in no time and dying to test out if the Vaseline had worked so I grabbed my roll of sand paper and got sandpapering. On the areas that I had applied Vaseline, the paint flecked of beautifully and easily, I barely had to apply any elbow grease. At this point all that was left to do was to wax wax¬†wax!! This bit does require elbow grease ūüėČ … but it is sooooo worth it. And that is the long and short of it all.

The piece came out BETTER than I had imagined and as per usual I was already dreading the fact that this little beauty would be walking out the door to a new home in no time.

Carte Postal Shabby Coffee Table / Trunk


The Carte Postale Graphics were just beautiful and really made the piece so much more outstanding and the distressing make it perfectly shabby chic. What do you think?

Shabby Chic Carte Postale Trunk Box

Shabby Chic Carte Postale Trunk Box

Carte Postale Trunk Box

Carte Postale Trunk Box


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