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The ‘French Love Affair’ continues with a ‘Parisienne Boudoir’ Queen Anne Dresser!

Hello there!!

Following on from my previous post we are back from holidays!!! The good news – I scored some GREAT new pieces for restoration … The bad news – I got the flu 🙁 .. Despite the fact that my nose is full of snot and I am feeling sorry for myself, I have still managed to get some pieces done, I brought the pieces I wanted to work on into the house and in front of the heater and sat around in my pj’s for the majority of the day painting. It was a great distraction actually!!

So this is where my ‘French Love Affair’ continues. Quite a while back I got my hands on a Queen Anne dresser with bat wing mirrors from a backyard sale. The piece needed some love, it was very sturdy but the mahogany finish was coming off all over the place and the lacquer had yellowed and was peeling. It was great value so I scooped it up and brought it home.



After storing it away for months I finally decided it was time to work on it. I had been researching colours for the makeover and decided on a blue … so I painted the entire piece. And then I realised that I didn’t like the colour on it at all :S … So after sulking for a while over my wasted time and paint I decided to paint over it again lightly with Paris Grey. This colour looked great on the dresser almost immediately and the blue underneath created a beautiful cast to the grey. Then to spruce it up a bit more I lightly dry brushed the entire dresser with old white which was a great move as I LURVE the movement and depth the dry brushing added to the piece.

I knew from the start that I wanted this piece to be special and what better way to jazz it up then with some French Typography painted on the top. So I went straight to the trusty Graphics Fairy to search for an image, I came across a beautiful French Vintage Add, the one I chose was an add for an old Paris Jewellery Shop … I love the look of this add and so I traced it straight on to the top of the desk. I added the words Parisienne Boudoir above the add as well to make it very chic 🙂 .. then I painted over the tracing and let it dry.

dressing table


Queen Anne Dresser Paris Grey French Chic


French Queen Anne Dresser Paris Grey

A close up of the finish with dry brush effect

French Typography Queen Anne Dresser  French Chic Queen Anne Dresser Paris Grey

And here is the French Typography 🙂

Queen Anne Paris Grey Dresser

Another shot of the top

French Chic Queen Anne Dresser Paris Grey    French Chic Queen Anne Dresser Paris Grey   French Chic Queen Anne Dresser Paris Grey

And a few more shots 🙂

I love this piece LOTS and LOTS, its sooooo beautiful and really would make such a statement piece added to a bedroom or any room for that matter. It really does look like it belongs in a Parisienne Boudoir!! 🙂

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