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A Very French Side Table Love Affair .. A Unique Wine Rack and Some Great Vintage Finds!!

Wow, so much has happened over the last few weeks I barely have had time to think let alone a chance to get on the computer and write an update. But today I was determined to sit down and share some of the exciting developments that have been happening.

About 2 weeks ago my husband and I spotted a garage sale and cruised in to check it out. The sale was at the house of an old lady who is 102 and being moved into a nursing home, so her family were selling off the things she couldn’t take with her. I felt a little sad that her things were being sold but now they will be loved again and live on through someone else. I started to sift through the piles of bric-a-brac and soon spotted a mountain of very old very dust books. As soon as I see books I’m totally distracted and these books upon closer inspection were some of the most beautiful vintage books I had come across in a very long time. The stories actually sounded great and I recognised some of the authors. Some of the books were nearly 200 years old and I was greedily tucking as many as I could under my arm like I had found gold bullion. I tell you, books are something I really love and I really felt like I had discovered a treasure trove. The lady watching me laughed at me trying to hold them all and gave me a box and told me to take as many as I liked for $6.00 … I seriously resisted the urge to hug her and promptly filled the box up!!

Vintage Books

 After I had gotten over my book treasure find enough to look around, my husband and I spotted a beautiful antique Singer Sewing machine 99K model in MINT condition. I kid you not, this machine looked pristine and we plugged it in and all the electrics (even the light globe) worked. After chatting with my hubby he kindly bought it for me 🙂 I am very spoilt!! I love this machine sooo much. I am booking in to have lessons on it and I can’t wait!!

Singer Sewing Machine 99K

Ok so if we go a week on from there, I have been scouring some second-hand furniture sites and came across a very solid bedside table that was in need of some love. I couldn’t pass it up and so I went out to meet the lady and buy it. While I was there I picked up a lamp and some picture frames for free so that was great.

Solid wood side table

I took this piece home and had the instant inspiration that I wanted it to have a very French-esque makeover. I wanted it to look like it came from a beautiful French café 1oo years ago ( I don’t want much do I??!! haha). So I got started on it, not really knowing how I would achieve the look I was after. I painted the entire piece in Annie Sloan chalk paint. I started with a coat of old white, then a coat of French linen. Then in parts I went over in graphite and then for the top, drawers and side panels I used a blend of old white and country grey. And when you think I couldn’t get much more colour on this piece, I made a wash of paris grey and dry brushed this over the entire piece. It was really taking shape so I got out my sand paper and distressed and then added clear and dark wax. Once I had finished I took a step back and stared in amazement!! The piece was near on exactly the way I had imagined it. I love love love it, it is aged with a Frenchy twist and just divine. I really resisted the urge to kiss this piece haha it just looks so beautiful and in the right setting romantic and charming.

Side Table French Vintage Style Chalk Paint Side Table French Vintage Style Chalk Paint

I can’t believe that I have to part with this piece, but I can’t physically keep it. I did consider squeezing it in my bedroom and hoping the husband wouldn’t notice but to no avail, so this piece is up for grabs!!

What do you think? Do you love it?

Aside from this my husband and I had been working on a very cool piece. A few months ago we had bought a chest of drawers that was pretty banged up. The drawers were actually un-salvageable which was disappointing as we had to change our game plan with this piece. So my husband decided to think outside the box and suggested that we transform it into a wine rack. GREAT IDEA!!! So that we did.

We pulled the draws out and gave the top a buzz and began our modifications!!


We wanted it to be rustic, unusual and functional all at the same time. I hadn’t tried out Arles chalk paint yet, so I grabbed the tin and got painting. The colour looked great!! The top I wanted to be special so I went to the trusty Graphics Fairy and printed off a very nice French Typography Graphic. I hand painted the graphic on the top and then stained over it!! It looks great. To make the table unique we added some chalk board panelling on the side so that you can write wine lists etc. on there. And to give it more of the industrial reclaimed look we made some Galvanised corner brackets and pop riveted them in place.

Vintage Rustic Wine Rack Chalk Paint

After a good old coat of wax and some buffing this piece just came up PERFECT!!!! What do you think??

Vintage Rustic Wine Rack Chalk Paint  Vintage Rustic Wine Rack Chalk Paint

Once again thank you to the trusty graphics fairy for her fantastic images and graphics.

Click here to go to her site 🙂

Vintage Rustic Wine Rack Chalk Paint

Vintage Rustic Wine Rack Chalk Paint

I still have some more very exciting projects on the go so I will write again soon with some more great makeovers and finds.

Happy creating everyone 🙂


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  1. Just wondering if you made the inside of the wine rack as well? I have an old tv cupboard I want to convert and would love instructions if you did this!

    • Hi there! Id love to say that i made the inside too but I bought it. You can buy wine racking like that it comes in different sizes, i think its called bordex 🙂 good luck!!

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