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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – It’s Really THAT Great

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


Ok so most of you would have probably heard of chalk paint before right? If not don’t stress this post includes you too. As one of my very first posts mentioned I was scouring the internet for inspiration to paint my small lamp table that was sitting in the shed wasting away. At this point in time I had never decoratively painted anything except a poor canvas that didn’t appreciate my lame attempt at art, let alone attempted painting a piece of furniture. During the course of the time I spent web surfing desperately trying to find my inspiration, I stumbled across a blog where the blogger had repainted a hall table in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The tins of paints she had chosen looked so pretty and the painted piece looked fantastic, the colours were great. What made me even happier and drew my attention was that she mentioned that the great thing about using the paint was that she didn’t have to sand or prime her piece. This instantly appealed to me because the thought of having to sand my poor lamp table with all its little intricate frilly carved legs made me bury the table in the darkest corner of the shed and ignore my husbands threats that it would soon join the bonfire heap if I left it there much longer.

The discovery of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with no sanding / stripping and no priming was an instant hit with me and had me frantically looking to get my hands on some. Unfortunately at that time I was disappointed and had to be patient with my desire to try Annie Sloan’s paints. I live in Australia and the Annie Sloan range at that point had not reached our shores and was not available for international purchase. I didn’t let this discourage me and went about learning to paint my table an other pieces with success using alternative chalk style paint (which you can read about in my first post). During the time I spent waiting to find out whether I would ever be able to get my hands on any Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I promptly became addicted to furniture hunting and picked up some great pieces. I also bought her book on how to use her paint on furniture and read it from cover to cover. Then finally the fantastic day arrived and my patience had paid off, we were put on the map so to speak and some great business over here became stockist of her paint. I was lucky enough through the blog outreach program to be sent a sample tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen and some of her clear and dark wax and I jumped straight into revamping a favourite piece of mine. At this point I have to say I was hooked and completely set on getting my hands on some more of the wonderful colours. So now we come to why I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so much, so I will list the pro’s and con’s of this paint in my opinion:


  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is SUPER EASY to work with, it is very forgiving and easy to use for both the professional and the novice painter
  • A little goes a LONG way (my sample pot has already been used on a hall table, a coffee table, a lamp stand and its still half full)
  • It saves money and time spent on sanding, stripping and priming your surface as most surfaces require no sanding or priming
  • It dries super fast
  • You can create so many different looks by either creating texture through brush strokes or painting smooth for a modern look, it distressed super easy and can be used to achieve a crackled effect or a vintage effect.
  • You can thin the paint and create a wash or thicken it up by putting it in the fridge or pouring a little into a tray and leaving it out to thicken
  • It wont make your brushes stiff
  • It comes in a great range of unique colours that can be mixed to make more colours
  • It can be used to dye linen or even paint on fabric (yes you can paint fabric)
  • It sticks to practically any surface (I recently painted a very heavily varnished table and it went on fine and I also painted my metal lamp stand and that came out great too)
  • The soft waxes are easy to use and enrich the paints, you can age a piece using the dark wax or create a subtle sheen using the clear wax and buffing
  • The paint is high quality and has no smell and low VOC’s so its safe to paint inside HURRAH!!


  • The paint is quite pricey so getting a range of colours in can put a hole in your pocket, but that being said it does go a long way
  • There colour range is not as large as latex paint ranges, however Annie Sloan has just released a new book which delves into mixing her colours to create new colours

Really those are the only con’s that I have encountered with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. I saved up and bought in 11 of her colours and when they arrived I cracked every tin and all the colours were just lovely. I have gotten stuck into a few pieces and I really am impressed how easy her paints are to use and how much time they are saving me. A tip I have is that if you get a tin and when you open it if looks a bit watery then don’t stress, I found this with a few of my tins in certain colours. To fix this all I did was put the lid back on and sit the tins upside down over night, then in the morning give them a good shake. Some may need to sit upside down a bit longer but this worked great for me.

If you are in Australia and are wanting to get your hands on some of this great paint, the stockists are:

Retailer Search Results

Crab Apple Vintage 2/104 Maitland Road Islington, NSW, New South Wales 2296 Australia

Paint Me White Shop 3a Mudgeeraba Village Shopping Centre, Entry Via Swan Lane Mudgeeraba, Queensland 4213 Australia

Cote Maison Finishes 28/222 Young Street Waterloo, New South Wales 2017 Australia

My Sister’s House 79 East Street Rockhampton, Queensland 4700 Australia

Grace’s Goodies 100 Princes Highway, Shop 3 Fairy Meadow, New South Wales 2519 Australia

Sparrow and Jack 4/473 Beach Road Duncraig, Western Australia 6023 Australia

Paint Me White 22 Wellington Road Woolloongabba, Queensland 4102 Australia

French Folie 225 Concord Road North Strathfield, New South Wales 2137 Australia

Brocante in the Barossa Shop 2, 49A Murray Street Angaston, South Australia 5353 Australia

If you want to learn more about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and other Annie Sloan products then you can click on this link 🙂


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