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Embracing ‘Vintage Charm’!!


Embracing ‘Vintage Charm’!!

Vintage, a powerful word that has the power to cause people to run in one of two directions, either towards it with arms outstretched and beaming smiles or away from it with arms outstretched and terror plastered on their faces haha … what does that word bring to your mind? I must admit that I used to be the latter reaction. The word vintage used to send shudders up my spine and conjure up images of my parents’ hideous old green and poo brown furry couch or some of the ugly retro furniture in our house when I was a child. If anyone mentioned vintage floral fabrics the reaction was much the same, as I imagined (and have actually seen) piles of hideous fabric or dresses that look as if they were made from some ugly old curtain in my grandma’s house. Much to my surprise I recently came to the realisation that my view of all things vintage had been jaded mostly by my relatives’ poor choices haha. Once I overcame my prejudice I began to look past the aspects that I disliked and found a love for ‘vintage charm’ that I never knew I had!! I even surprised myself by splashing out and buying a gorgeous bed spread comprising of some of my favourite floral (yes, I said FLORAL) patterns.  I can trully say that I have embraced vintage charm and haven’t looked back (no more nightmares about poo brown and green furry couches either haha).

So what actually is ‘Vintage’? That may be a dangerous question, as the word really is unique to each person and I think you will find that opinions vary widely. Now as you can probably tell from reading my other articles, I LOVE DEFINITIONS! So I got busy searching the definition of vintage and I was surprised to find that the most common definition related to wine (Wine, usually of high quality, identified as to year and vineyard or district of origin). This surprised me as my own opinion of what the definition would be had nothing to do with wine, but as a lover of wine it suited me just fine and nearly had me sneaking off to raid our wine collection for a glass  .. After some more searching I found the following definitions:

Informal a. A group or collection of people or things sharing certain characteristics. b. A year or period of origin: a car of 1942 vintage. c. Length of existence; age.

adj. 1. Of or relating to a vintage. 2. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic. 3. Old or outmoded.

My favourite and probably the definition that I felt most suited my new outlook of all things vintage was something “characterized by excellence, maturity and enduring appeal – CLASSIC”. To me vintage represents the best of an era past and it’s something that carries a timeless charm and appeal which makes it a classic. There are some aspects of fashion and decor that are just timeless and never go out of fashion, to me that’s the beauty of vintage charm. To me true vintage charm is taking the best of a past era and carrying it forward without it looking outdated. Finding and hunting out those classic aspects from the past and pulling out the gems so to speak and making them relevant today is not only fun but smart. Some examples are the wonderful florals and patterns that have survived over the years and continue to be popular. What about the fine quality china and dainty tea cups, some of the beautiful original furniture and even simple rustic decor. It really does explain why antiques are so popular! It’s great that aspects of the past have found such a warm spot in people’s hearts and thus have been carried forward into our generation for us to find and enjoy.

Vintage charm to me is characterised by elegance and simplicity and I think it really does go hand in hand with the much loved rustic look. I think that if you look hard enough the ‘looks’ that are so popular today (French Country / Provincial, Shabby Chic etc) all have an aspect of timeless vintage charm and a rustic appeal, and why not, after all it’s a way of getting back to basics and upcycling by making aged pieces from the past relevant today


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  1. Lovely piece. I too remember the days of deep pile orange carpets and limp brown curtains – not the best look, but like you said, vintage charm today is the ‘best’ of the past, I guess every era has its faux pas. Vintage charm to me, is furniture/styles that add character, tell a story, isnt’t necessarily ‘perfect’. Items that soften a scheme, add depth and character and are often in natural/neutral tones.

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