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DIY Bedside / Occasional Lamp Table Makeover

DIY Bedside / Occasional Lamp Table – Chalk Style Paint Makeover

Following on from my recent article Mismatched & Marvellous I really have gotten into the mismatching mind set. My wonderful husband recently picked up for me a Queen Anne Side / Bedside Table. It was just one table not a pair and I actually loved breaking out of the mindset of ‘pairs’. I decided that I would go with a lovely vintage green colour, but I also wanted the table to be outstanding, I wanted something more than just a plain solid colour. After some thinking I decided to go with an Annie Sloan inspired look from one of her books and do a clouded colour finish using a main colour (vintage green) and two sub colours (off white & a vintage denim blue). I managed to match the colours quite well at the local Bunnings Store and came away with my 3 sample pots all smiles!

Now the side table had an ugly old white textured veneer surface that I really didn’t like. Because the surface was textured it needed sanding. I don’t have a before picture but I googled it and it looked something like this before but in poorer condition.

white table

I was lucky and my husband jumped straight in to help and sanded the table back for me 😀 so that I could get straight into painting. I assembled an area outside my shed and set up with my various tubs of chalk style paint that I prepared earlier. I didn’t need to use my trusty surface sealer on this particular piece so I painted a solid base coat of my main colour, the vintage green.

Once that coat had dried I got together my brushes and paint and began the art of ‘clouding’ the colours. I used three different brushes in the individual paint colours, I started by ‘splodging’ the blue colour sparingly then I added the white and the green and worked in a ‘dabbing / splodging’ motion over each colour. Make sure that you don’t apply too much paint. I started section at a time and began to enlarge that area gradually till I had covered the entire table.

Vintage Queen Anne DIY Chalk Paint Restoration

This was a really interesting way to paint the table and I really enjoyed doing it, it really absorbed me haha. Then once the table was dry, it was time for a coat of Minwax and Dark Wax. I applied the Minwax first to the entire table using a cutting of a clean old tea towel. Then I added a good amount of dark wax all over and rubbed, rubbed, rubbed. The dark wax really added a lovely tone and evened out the effect. Once the dark wax had sat for at least 15 mins I then added another coat of Minwax. I let that set for about 30 mins and then buffed it up! Literally wax on wax off.

Now it was just time for the hardware to be replaced, I always get excited going to pick out a new handle. So I was straight off to Antique Effects in Ballarat and I found the perfect handle. I raced home of course and my lovely husband fitted it for me.

All done and I think it looks great, I love the clouded effect and Annie Sloan’s Book gave me a great heads up on how to achieve this look.

Vintage Queen Anne Side Table Clouded Green                           DIY Vintage Queen Anne Side Table Green Chalk Style Paint

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