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DIY Nest of Tables Makeover

DIY Nest of Tables – Chalk Style Paint Makeover

So I have been out in the sunshine and enjoying it and decided that I would get to work on one of my pieces in the shed and give it a makeover. The lucky subject of my attention ended up being a very cute nest of tables set with cabriole legs that I recently picked up from Maldon Antique Fair. So I pulled them out of the shed, cleaned them up and after staring at them intensely for about 2 minutes, my creative thoughts began bubbling into activity and I got working!!

While I love the look of these tables I really wasnt a fan of the colour, the finish was quite plain and they really appeared dull. I wanted to give them a new lease on life so to speak, to change them from dull to outstanding. Now don’t worry I wasn’t so brave as to paint them in neon colours. So I picked out a  500ml sample pot of paint from my collection, the colour I decided to go with is called Classic Touch from the range of British paints, it’s really a warm cream colour but not too yellow as I prefer my creams to be nice and neutral not too loud. I got busy and whipped up a batch of DIY chalk style paint using this colour and in no time I was ready for the base coat!! I only used 250ml of this pot to make my own chalk style paint as it goes a long way!!

I was worried about the stain bleeding through the paint and so for the first coat I decided to mix in some of my trusty All Purpose Sealer. I prefer the Jo Sonjas All Purpose Sealer, its affordable, easy to find and works really well. Some other surface sealers can be pretty harsh to work with and leave your surface and brush looking very odd. I get the one I use from the local Bunnings store, but you can also find it in art and craft shops. It costs about $12.50 for a bottle and it does go a fair way, just don’t water it down to much as it wont be effective. I find that if i mix it 50/50 with my paint (just enough for the first coat) then it works really well. Some areas if they seem prone to bleeding such as the knots in pine etc you can simply apply it straight and paint over it once its dry.

Before I got painting I had decided that the tops of the tables I would like to keep unpainted but they needed some revamping. I got out my wonderful Ozito Hand Sander and gave the top of the tables a blast to see what I could achieve. I was really pleased with the results the sanded back patchy look came up fabulously with a little dark wax rubbed into it.

WP_20130301_001 WP_20130303_002[1] WP_20130408_005[1] WP_20130303_003[1]

Now that I had sanded the table tops and was pleased with them, I got to painting! I had my usual little set up outside and painting in the sun is really lots of fun! I painted the base / sealant coat on first. Let that dry and lightly sanded it to get rid of any grit. Then I proceeded with the two top coats. The great thing with the chalk style paint is great as its fast drying so I was able to get the table painted in a reasonably short period of time. Of course being busy and having other responsibilities meant I didn’t get through them in one sitting. Instead I made it my goal to do them one at a time whenever I had some time.

WP_20130303_001[1] WP_20130303_012[1] WP_20130408_002[1]

So After I had finished the base coats, top coats and sanding its time to apply a good coat of Minwax  finishing paste and some dark wax again to the tops! I used an old (clean) tea towel cut into pieces for applying the wax.

WP_20130409_002[1] WP_20130409_005[1]

If you leave the Minwax for about 15 mins then after you can buff the surface to achieve and nice subtle shine, it really gives the items a wonderful hand painted / rubbed look. Minwax is great as it continues to harden and set over time, its great to bring out the beauty of your item while protecting it at the same time!!

WP_20130409_006[1]                                 WP_20130409_008[1]                           WP_20130409_011[1]

I just love how they came up, another example of how something old can be made both relevant and beautiful with a little imagination and work!!


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  1. Beautiful result. Such a stylish nest of tables with so much character. I love the neutral tone, it compliments the delicate curved frame. I think the original look was quite heavy, whereas this is softer but keeping the original top gives it a standout feature so it won’t get lost in a room – perfect balance. Gorgeous.

    • Thank you! I agree the lighter colour of the cream really set off the rustic tops and gave the piece life which is what i was hoping and they found a new home in no time!!

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