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Old Made Relevant = RUSTIC

Old Made Relevant = RUSTIC


Have you noticed the popularity of items that look as if they have been sitting in the weather for 100 years but instead of spotting them in the junk yard you saw them sitting in some ones living room looking fabulous?! That item has been declared a rustic treasure and thus instantly transformed from a dilapidated piece into a beautiful functional item with a story. This is the beauty of the rustic charm that so many people are discovering and it’s becoming increasingly popular!!

What does ‘rustic’ bring to your mind? To me it represents an ageing process that has been visually captured and reflected by a piece or pieces of furniture and decor, it holds out the reflection of times past and each piece tells its own story in a bumpy, worn and heavily distressed kind of way.  My first real love of ‘rustic’ charm can be pin pointed to the discovery of some amazing dining tables that had been transformed from someone’s junk into a real treasure. I’m talking about your typical ‘country farm house table’ with the turned legs, but instead of it being in prime pristine condition it has been aged, used, worn, even weathered and now its exterior is old and dented but really interesting and beautiful. Some of these tables have even been revamped with pieces of reclaimed timber to create a new table top that just looks fabulous!  This rustic look is becoming so very popular and it seems to go hand in hand with the industrial reclaimed pieces that are so popular now also. People literally are going crazy for the rustic charm. An example of junk turned treasure are those timber pallets with industrial stamps that have been sitting in the weather for the last few decades which some clever cookie has taken home and instead of throwing them on the bonfire, has pulled them apart and put them back together in the form of a outdoor trestle table or coffee table that looks absolutely fabulous. Or what about those fabulous bench tops that have been made using lovely reclaimed sleepers and coated in Tongue Oil giving them new life and making that kitchen look fabulous.

It’s amazing how these items with their rough veneer and uneven surface have become so popular. Years back they would probably have been discarded or used in the shed to store junk. But since the tastes and designs have been changing they have really not only become relevant but even popular, some people even pay more for an old battered table then they would for a new one. They really can transform the atmosphere and look of a home and give even a suburban home the appearance of a county manor or farmhouse. The French country look is so popular now days and really does look fabulous with its combination of its casual elegance, enlivening splashes of colour and rustic accessories and feature pieces.

I decided to look up the definition of the word rustic and found the following meanings:

  • pertaining to, or living in the country, as distinguished from towns or cities; rural
  • simple, artless, or unsophisticated
  • made of roughly dressed limbs or roots of trees

It’s interesting that rustic items can really when you look at them be simple and unsophisticated but carry a charm that far outweighs their simple design. It’s true to that when I see a rustic piece of furniture etc I automatically think it looks like it came from some wonderful old farmhouse. Just recently I stumbled upon a meat safe that was so different from anything I had ever seen. It was old, very old in fact and the entire external veneer / paint coating was aged and peeling. The paint had peeled back with time and weather and it was sitting outside covered in dust in the cheaper items area. The paint had peeled in layers and there were different colours underneath. It looked absolutely fabulous.  I was dying to take it home but really couldn’t afford it at the time. The item really needed nothing done to it except a clean and a coating of wax to freeze/capture the exact aged moment in time that it is at and protect it. I am hoping that soon I will be able to convince my husband that it would make a fabulous addition to our home and he will buy it for me haha, wishful thinking but then what fun is there if we don’t dream about such things 😀 … Who knows maybe soon I will be able to put a picture up of it!!

Do you love the rustic charm? Or have you discovered your own rustic treasure? I’d love to hear from you!!

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  1. Love the rustic look. It is so beautiful when paired with an elegant piece like the green farm house table with the crystal chandalier above. I am so glad to be seeing more of it. Not only are the pieces wonderful but it always makes me want to know the story of the piece.

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