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Find Your Inner Bowerbird!



The bowerbird is a beautiful little bird renowned for its unique courtship behaviour, where males build a structure and decorate it with sticks and brightly coloured objects in an attempt to attract a mate. Now you might be thinking at this point ‘what does a bowerbird have to do with this blog/website’? Well the thing is I’ve found my ‘inner bowerbird’! How so? The bowerbird really is an upcycling champion, as mentioned above it decorates its home with brightly coloured objects. These objects are old/pre-existing items that the bowerbird sources and uses/changes to improve his home. Yes I like the wisdom of this bird very much. You see I cannot stress enough the beauty of an upcycled or refinished item.


Whilst it’s easy enough to go and purchase a brand new manufactured item or a new reproduction, there are literally millions of genuine pieces out there that are just waiting to be loved again and each of these pieces come with a story or a history that cannot be manufactured or reproduced. I’ve also found that pre-loved items tend to be sturdier and display better craftsmanship than many of the modern equivalents. By finding your ‘inner bowerbird’ you are not only recycling or upcycling as I like to say but you are carrying on a piece of the past into the future which is both valuable and environmentally friendly. Since I discovered my love of pre-loved items I have literally been addicted to the find. I have spent hours scouring op shops, markets, car boot sales, fairs and the like for my chance to snag a brightly coloured item to decorate and enliven my ‘nest’ ! The find is so addictive and really is a clever way to decorate your home without getting into the ‘throw away’ culture that is so prevalent in society today. Really I have never understood the need to throw things away, I always try to donate my unwanted items to op shops where someone else may discover them and love them or find them a new home through a garage sale etc. Even better, if you have some old outdated items why not try upcycling or refinishing them if possible?!?


Upcycled and refinished items are really the smart buys of today, you get history, age and charm whilst at the same time the items have been tweaked and improved to be relevant today. Upcycling and second-hand buying is really the best way to prevent waste. So if you are thinking of redecorating your ‘nest’ why not try popping into a shop or checking out a website where they sell upcycled and refinished pre loved goods. Or if you are brave enough and have the time and talent try upcycling it yourself!!


I truly do love the fact that I have found my ‘inner bowerbird’, it has inspired me to open up my own business selling upcycled and pre-loved goods that with a little care and attention have been made relevant once more, not to mention beautiful. It has helped me source unique and stunning items for my ‘nest’ and although I was lucky to already have found an amazing ‘mate’ and didn’t need to use brightly coloured items to lure him into my home haha, it really has helped make our living space beautiful and unique.


Have you found your inner bowerbird yet?


Check out an example of a pre-loved item that my inner bowerbird helped me find and upcycle


Before and After Bedside Table

Before and After Bedside Table

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