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The Last Little While

Hello, I thought that I would write a brief post updating some highlights from the past few weeks and more importantly the last couple of days.

A few weeks ago a huge old tree fell on my shed / workshop whilst I was in there, frightening the life out of me and putting a big halt to my restorations to say the least. Apart from being very lucky that it didn’t collapse the roof of the shed and crush me and my entire furniture collection in the process, it caused enough damage for me to have to relocate most of my pieces which was a major pain in the buttocks say the least. Of course the day after, it absolutely poured and my hubby and I were in the shed at 4am tarping and bucketing water out to save the rest of my precious things.

Fortunately since then the rain has held off, which is lucky as we are still waiting for the repairs and in the mean time I have been purchasing furniture like a mad lady. As you can see in my recent post “Todays Highlights – Ballarat Antique Fair” (http://rusticboutique.com.au/2013/03/09/todays-highlights-ballarat-antique-fair/) I came away from that weekend with a substantial bulge in my collection 🙂 feel free to check out my purchases from that day if you haven’t already.

Saturday morning just gone my husband and I decided to pop down to the local café for coffee and cake (spoilt aren’t we) and saw that there was a local annual market / car boot sale happening. How lucky is that!?! Of course I was down there straight away and I got some great bargains. My purchases for the morning included two pretty wooden country chairs, a small coffee table and a wonderful silver tea set for an absolute steal.


How beautiful is this set?! (Reminds me of something from Beauty and the Beast … still a kid at heart, sad I know haha)

After we left the local fair we had to drive into town to drop off a small vintage table that I sold, and on the way we decided to cruise into a local garage sale / deceased estate. There I also picked up a few bits and pieces for a great price, and on the way home collected a very unusual sideboard/hall table that transforms into a card table.


Unique Side Board / Hall Table


Stage 1 of Transformation


Stage 2 Voila … Card Table (how cool is that?!)

So as you can see I had another very successful weekend and unplanned at that!!

Two days ago I decided that I was finally going to get out and do some restoration work (even if my workshop has a tree on it and the roof is caved in at the back). I decided to set up outside and get painting which was great until it rained, so I ended up in my kitchen sitting on the floor painting. Thankfully the weather eased up and I could go back outside and finish my piece. I was working on a lovely Queen Anne style side table and I decided to do an Annie Sloan inspired look (clouded paint) in vintage green. I loved the way it turned out and today I sourced the handle for it, giving it the finishing touch. Check out the pics below:


My set up … Cup of tea and all 🙂


The finished product


Now I just have to find this wonderful piece a new home 🙂

What do you think? Have you tried a similar effect?

So as you can see I’ve had a pretty good past week or so (despite the tree and all).

Hopefully the lucky streak with finding bargains continues and the workshop is back in full swing soon 🙂 so stay posted!!

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