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How Antique is your Antique?


Antiques, people go crazy for them but how many know what an antique actually is?!!

The word ‘Antique’ has always brought to my mind the image of some amazing old piece of furniture or chair that looks like maybe many years ago Marie Antoinette sat on it, but when I pushed beyond my very healthy imagination I realised that apart from an item looking old I wasn’t really sure what actually identifies an item as ‘antique’.

The word antique is very confusing because I find that most people have their own definition of what makes something antique and that the words ‘antiques’ and ‘collectables’ seem to go hand in hand. This was clear from some of the antique fairs and shops that I’ve been to where many of the items were collectable, unique and from a time past but did not necessarily fall into the category of VERY old. To many, the word antique represents something valuable because of its age, rarity, beauty, unique craftsmanship, features or because of some sentimental connection and I must admit those are the things that make a piece of furniture precious to me.

 I did a little research and from what I found, the most common definition for antique is ‘something that is from times past or a different era’. Basically something old enough to fall into the category of a ‘past era’ or notable point in time. That definition seems a little confusing because some decades such as the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s had their own particular style and fashion which now are a novelty or trademark of a ‘time past’ and viewed as collectable. After a little more digging I found that technically the rule for defining ‘antique’ applies to objects at least 100 years old or more, which sounds pretty darn old to me. So taking into account the above, technically speaking collectables are the possible antiques of the future and that is what makes them so popular and valuable to people.

It’s no wonder with all the opinions out there that you might find it daunting trying to identify if any of your precious pieces are antiques!! If you are super keen to learn more about antiques you can check out some of the following links:

If in the end you can’t date your item or your item is not as old as what you had thought or hoped, then don’t despair, remember collectables are the future antiques of today!

Check out this beautiful ornate Queen Anne occasional side table that I bought a few days ago, my instinct tells me that it’s pretty old due to the ball and claw feet,  the metal caps on the bottom of the feet, the design and the tongue and groove joins …


What do you think??

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