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Todays Highlights – Ballarat Antique Fair

Ok, so I said that I would report on how my day went and what/if any bargains I was able to score.

The day started off well, early but well. I was up early which is a miracle seeing as I hate mornings but I managed to drag my weary limbs out of bed and get going. My wonderful husband was up by my side rearing to go and so we set off at 8AM. We decided that because the fair didn’t open till 10AM we would hit up a few garage sales first, so we grabbed the local paper and set off. Fortunately the first one was just around the corner (how lucky is that) and we were the first ones there. At this point my brain and spine were still trying to make connections so my husband used his keen eyes to spot our first great buys of the day. We managed to get our hands on a beautiful very old trunk and a great aged fruit crate/box. With our first buys loaded up its fair to say we were both by now pretty pumped for the day ahead.



From here I began to scour the list of garage sales in the paper to pick our next target when I happened to notice one add that mentioned antiques, so naturally I made sure I was on my way there pronto. To tell you the truth I was expecting the ‘usual’ garage sale, you know, a few old chairs or a cabinet and lots of junk. I was clearly not prepared for what I would enounter when I actually arrived!

Upon arrival I was absolutely stunned by what I saw, this was not merely a garage sale it was a vintage and antique extravaganza!! The place was amazing, there was so much stuff everywhere and it was fantastic. It was like a mini fair in someones backyard, every corner was filled with antiques, furniture, crockery and collectables and almost every item was fantastic and affordable. I was literally floating on cloud nine and I had no idea where to look first. There were treasures and beautiful pieces of furniture everywhere and I was behaving like a kid in a candy shop.

After the initial shock of how amazing this place was wore off enough for me to think, I actually started spotting the items that I was after. I did break my own rule (don’t let others know what you are interested in or they may suddenly become interested to) by pointing and practically yelling ‘ BARGAIN, I WANT THAT & THAT & THAT’. Luckily I had my trusty partner in crime with me who was able to think quick and fetched the owner and bargained the prices for me which was a relief because I was bursting with excitement and was willing at this point to spend my whole pay packet to buy the items that caught my eye.

After I was assured that my items were safe and that I hadn’t missed anything we finally headed off to the Ballarat Antique Fair. I was expecting this fair to be like the others I had been to (Fryerstown and Maldon Fairs) but I was in for a bit of a dissapointment. Appart from the entry fee being $15 per person (much higher than the gold coin donation fee at the other fairs) it was nothing like I had expected. It was filled with beautiful items but most items were $100’s if not $1000’s to $10,000’s of dollars in price. The vast majority of furniture was amazing but way beyond my budget and so pricey that it would never be a candidate for upcycling. The collectables also were beautiful but secured behind glass or too expensive to touch and it was safe to say that there was nothing there for me. The overall experience apart from being overcrowded was not bad but nothing like the wonderful and relaxed atmosphere of the other fairs.

I did not make any purchases at the Ballarat Antique Fair but I wasn’t too sad, my husband and I were eager to head straight back to the amazing garage sale we had been at in the morning and collect our purchases and double check for more treasures. Of course now that we were in a more relaxed frame of mind we were able to spot more items we loved and purchase them and by the end of the day we came away with literally a van full of pieces. Check out a pic of them below!

New collection

What do you think? We thought it was pretty good going!! I cant wait to start working with these pieces 🙂

If you want to see more pics of these items up close, you can check them out on my page ‘Upcoming Furniture Restorations’ or click on the link below.


I’d love to hear your thoughts .. What are your favourite pieces from today? Have you had any similar experiences? Feel free to comment 🙂

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