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Try an Antique Fair or Two!!

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Have you ever been to an antique fair?

I recently discovered an antique fair on my way home from a camping trip. My husband had suggested that we drive through a town he knew and look at some antique shops and I was thrilled with this suggestion. When we arrived in the town we saw signs out for the 38th Annual Fryerstown Antique Fair. I’d never even heard of an antique fair let alone been to one and it’s safe to say my heart was leaping out of my chest with excitement. I didn’t even have to employ the use of puppy dog eyes as my husband was just as eager to go as I was. I’ve convinced him to love antiques and furniture you see (how else would I be allowed to fill his shed with my menagerie of things hehe) so I quickly used my trusty phone navigator and we were on our way.

Unfortunately we had arrived on the last day of the fair and late at that, so all the stalls were packing up but this didn’t stop me getting out and having a look. Even with the fair winding down it was fantastic, I was very disappointed that most of the great furniture items were either sold or packed up back into trailers but I still went around and eyeballed them through the wire!! The only picture ‘fair’ had brought to mind was fairy floss, carnival rides and show bags but this was much better, it was filled with furniture, collectables and antiques.The array of stalls and the sheer range of items that had been on display was amazing, I had never seen anything like it in my life.

As disappointed as I was to have missed out I was comforted by the discovery of a flyer which assured me that this fair was not some rare occurrence, but rather happens every year (hence title 38th annual antique fair). I was also placated by the purchase of a gorgeous queen anne dresser with mirrors that we found by chance at a garage sale on the way home and I made my husband squash it into the back ontop of our camping gear much to the disgust of our dog.

After the experience of seeing my first antique fair I was hooked and I Googled “antique fairs” which pointed me to other fairs happening around the region. I made it my goal to get to the next fair (in Maldon) and was so glad I did. I made sure I got to that fair with plenty of time and came away with some real treasures for restoration.


These are the treasures I got from the Maldon Antique Fair

If you have not been to an antique fair then I highly recommend that you go! The stall content ranges from antiques and aged furniture to old crockery, collectables and vintage memorabilia … theres everthing from old phones, blow lamps and paintings to tins, signs and industrial crates. It really is worth your while if you love vintage items and antiques.

My Tips

  • Have in mind what you are looking for before you go and hit those stalls up first
  • Go early or all the bargains will be snapped up
  • Make sure you have a vehicle big enough to take your purchases home (hehe)
  • Take lots of cash as theres NO EFTPOS
  • BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN don’t pay full price if you don’t have to (it is a fair after all)
  • Don’t waste your money be choosey and don’t buy overpriced items
  • Dont ‘um and ahh’ if you like it buy it because if you leave it and expect it to still be there later chances are it wont be
  • Don’t let others know what you are interested in (so don’t point and scream BARGAIN) they may suddenly become interested too
  • Don’t waste your money on junk, make sure the item you buy is what you are after and is the quality you want (don’t be afraid to take a good look at it poke, prod etc )
  • Make sure you really do love the item or it inspires you because other wise it will probably sit collecting dust because you have found other bigger and better things

Here is some info on the next Fryerstown Antique Fair


From Saturday 25th January – Monday 27th January 2014

Burke & Wills Hall, Fryerstown

Castlemaine St,   Fryerstown Victoria 3451 Australia | Map Map opens in new browser window

Telephone: 03 5473 4373

 click on the links below for more info



Tomorrow I’m off the the Ballarat Antique Fair so I will keep you posted on any treasures I find there!! Hurrah!!  🙂

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