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Annie Sloan Products Are Coming to Australia

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Annie Sloan is in Australia!!

Have you heard? Or better, have you got your hands on some of Annie Sloan’s Products?

I’m sure most people who have heard of them would agree that Annie Sloan’s products look great and are rated as top quality. She has a loyal following of fans and her products and fan base seem to be growing worldwide.

Only a few months ago I had tried in vain to get my hands on Annie Sloan’s paints and waxes and to my disappointment I realised that they don’t ship to Australia and that we have no representative / stockist over here.  I was very disappointed to say the least and I was sure that there would be enough demand for her products in Australia to eventually be ‘on the map’ so to speak.

Well for everyone who has been anxiously waiting for the chance to try her products, wait no more!!

According to the website this is the current list of retailers of Annie Sloan products in Australia:


Grace’s Goodies (coming soon)

100 Princes Highway, Shop 3 Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519


Sparrow and Jack (coming soon)

4/473 Beach Resort,  Duncraig Perth, WA 6023


Paint Me White (coming soon)

22 Wellington Road, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102


French Folie (coming soon)

225 Concord Road, North Strathfield, NSW 2137


Brocante in the Barossa (coming soon)

12 Radford Road, Angaston, South Australia 5353


To check it out for yourself or to see where the nearest Annie Sloan Retailer is in relation to you go to 

This site is great, apart from locating retailers you can also find out about how to become a retailer, explore upcoming events and learn about her chalk paints and other products.

chalk paint picturePersonally I can’t wait to try some of Annie Sloan’s products and when I do I will definitely be posting my thoughts, so keep an eye out!!


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  1. Great news – we will be able to get these products in Australia.
    I’m eager to hear more about this.

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